Welcome to Green Mind Events

“We don’t event the same.”

Our mission is your mission.

We create a safe and peaceful environment for everyone interested in cannabis. We encourage socialization in forms of events and gatherings. We help out by bringing organizations together and allowing them to support, share resources and grow with one another. By working in cooperation, we can all experience the benefits. Join us in making this world a better place.

Green Mind Events was founded in 2018 when there was a very obvious lack of support and recreation surrounding cannabis and its connoisseurs! Local growers, business owners, caregivers, activists and everyone in between are welcome!

Join us at the Franklin County Fairgrounds, 89 Wisdom Way Greenfield Ma

April 23, July 1, & October 14, 2023. Toasted Jam, Fourth of July Fire, & Halloweed.

We also have 2 Sunday Classic Events May 14 & September 3, 2023.

Success! You're on the list.

All Permitted Events Find full Information at:


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